In the past times, interior design was the symbol of prestige


Who we are?


Our company, Bengels Design has always aimed to please their clients and to take them to an age of aristocracy with our services. We are a small company, but with a long-term tradition in home improvement and interior design. Our headquarters are located in Denver, but we offer a lot of our services through an online consultation. We have fully utilized the modern technologies, and now our interior designers can present you a 3D show of your perfect home. You only have to give us your ideas, and we will make your dreams come true.


What we do?

We have divided our services into two branches: interior design and home improvement


Considering interior design, we can guarantee you that you are in the safe hands. With a great team of experts, we can offer you a variety of services in interior design. From 3D show of your house or business premises to a useful recommendation on how to organize your space. Using our help and our services you can make the complete turnover of your living space. We can measure your home and to offer you a lot of great ideas and help you realize them. 


On the other hand, our other branch, home improvement is specially designed to give our clients the best possible advice on the market. When you are thinking of redecorating your home, you need to make a personal stamp to feel comfortable. But, with the help of our experts, which have a long-term experience in home improvement, you won’t have to be worried about the mistakes. We will provide you the best and the most affordable solution. This will satisfy all your esthetic and functional claim without any pressure nor demands from our side.

Design Ideas

If we are talking about design ideas, we can point you out in three directions

We receive a lot of demands from our clients, but one question seems to be the most important which causes a lot of troubles for them. The eternal question “how to decorate my house?”. We all know how real estates are expensive nowadays and people are afraid of making a mistake when decorating is in order. That is why we have a team of experts who will help you redecorate your home and make a complete turnover of your living space. Everything you can imagine our experts will make it work. Every space in your house will have a unique and tasteful look.

Since we are the company that goes step by step with trends, we decided to embrace the full concept of Feng Shui. In the recent years, we have received a lot of orders from our clients regarding the Feng Shui and how they should redecorate their home based on this principle. Considering we aim to please with our services, we have hired additional experts who will help our clients reach the designed goal. Feng Shui is now widely accepted everywhere, and with our expertise help, you will be able to find about the rules of Feng Shui and how to implement them in your home.

How many times have you heard that small things make a life? Well, it’s true, especially when it comes to interior design. All the small details you neglect to set up will make your home lifeless. You need to be able to fill in your house with specific detail, frames, pictures, flowers, vases, bowls; every room needs to have its stamp. In this way, your house will look homey and welcoming and you will feel the great joy and calmness every time you step into it.

Latest News

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Our team consist of three sectors



Mark Jacobs

In charge of home improvement sector is Mark Jacobs. His team can give you the best recommendations and pointers regarding a home improvement. He graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design. He is well aware that home improvement is a tedious and hard job, but with his advice, you won’t make a mistake. Give him your ideas and thought, and he will make them happen.


Maggie Smith

The head of interior design sector is Maggie Smith; she has graduated from Cornell University, interior design program. In her long career, she has worked on many prestigious projects and acquired a long and rich resume. She will be able to help you with all of your ideas and doubts and help you chose the best solution for your home. She has a great team of people that will be able to answer on all of your questions.


Michael Stevens

Our company also has a Feng Shui specialist, Michael Stevens. He graduated from Drexel University and acquired an interior designer degree. But through long years of work he managed to become the expert of Feng Shui, since this has become his great passion. Many people still don’t understand the concept of Feng Shui, but still, they want to decorate the house in such a style. In this case, he will be only in charge to answer to all of your questions.

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